In Libertfly, the health of our clients is our top priority, and for this reason we adopt, in collaboration with our suppliers, all the safety measures against COVID – 19.

Before your trip

Find out about the conditions imposed by the country of destination.

Do not go to the airport if you are experiencing symptoms consistent with Covid-19: fever, coughing, a feeling of suffocation, loss of smell or taste.

Request and fill the health statement form before check-in.

Make sure that you have enough protection equipment for the whole trip (masks and hand sanitizer).

At the airport of departure

Arrive with plenty of time at the airport to go through the controls in place.

Only passengers and people accompanying minors or persons with reduced mobility will be allowed to access the terminal.

Keep the safety distance from the rest of the passengers and wear a mask.

Check in all your luggage, as most airlines have restricted the use of hand luggage.

Passengers can undergo health screening before boarding. Those passengers who have symptoms consistent with Covi-19 or who do not follow the prescribed indications may be denied access to the plane.

In flight

Mask use is mandatory during the flight. Washing your hands frequently with hand sanitizer is also recommended.

Pay attention to and follow the safety instructions given by the cabin crew.

Limit your movements inside the cabin to minimum necessary.

If you experience symptoms during the flight, notify the cabin crew.

At the airport of destination

Wear a mask and keep the safety distance from the rest of the passengers.

Where appropriate, undergo health screening at established spots and submit whereabouts form.

While you wait for your luggage, keep the safety distance and pick it up individually.

If you are going to be picked up by another person, remember that only people accompanying minors or people requiring assistance will be allowed to access the terminal.