Libertfly was created in 2017 as a company dedicated to the management of charter flight bookings.

Since then and over the years, Libertfly has continues to expand its offer with new services, thus facilitating the customer with new transport options, thus improving their mobility needs. At the end of 2019, new agreements were reached with companies specializing in air taxi services, thus meeting the growing demand for passengers and cargo, for short and medium distances.

Thanks to these partnerships, it will allow us to offer affordable air services to a much broader social and business sector, with reduced operating costs and door-to-door service closer to the destination.


We are a company located in Valladolid (Spain), devoted to the management of air reservation and other related services. We aim at offering the best quality when meeting our customers’ needs.


To become a leading company by living up to our client’s expectations -both for business and pleasure trips- under the highest quality and safety standards.


To provide customers with the services they require, under the highest quality and safety standards, prioritising personalized attention in a comfortable environment.